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tv   Action News  ABC  September 24, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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morning, perhaps to catch that school bus, well, looks like it's going to be cool to begin, 57 at 6:00, 60 by 8:00 a.m. partly cloudy, there's a chance the breeze starts to pick up a little bit, too, later in the morning. 63 degrees by 9:00 a.m. and then we do get mild today. 70 by noon, 75 by 3 o'clock. that is your high at 3 o'clock and then back down to 69 at 6 o'clock but notice how the clouds continue to get thicker. in fact as we take a look at satellite you can already see clouds continuing to well up from the south and getting rather thick in southern delaware and cape may county. the wider view shows i was central t-, or an area of low pressure that is sent of it right about there that is on its way in this direction and as it gets closer to us later tonight we are going to see some of that rain start to move up into areas south of philadelphia and then eventually overnight all the way up through philadelphia and into the northern suburbs. karen, some of this rain could be heavy and tomorrow morning's commute looks wet. the latest on future tracker coming up. >> we'll be here to help you through it.
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meanwhile we're dry for this morning's commute but loaded with issues. an overturned tractor-trailer in new jersey right on the new jersey turnpike southbound approaching the delaware memorial bridge blocking the left lane and the center lane. so expect some slowing. you might want to use 295 southbound instead, 295 moving nicely with speeds about 64 miles an hour. so, no problems there. if you're in camden, if you're headed towards the ben franklin bridge you'll be dealing with this one because westbound we've got a water main break out there blocking the right lane right on the admiral wilson boulevard near baird boulevard so westbound admiral wilson boulevard near baird right lane blocked. clues are on the scene trying to repair that water main break. we had an accident in willingboro burlington county just cleared. rockland drive looking better. on the big picture we want to mention the ramp from spring garden to the schuylkill westbound remains closed for two months for construction. that continues to be an issue. and matt and tam i have been talking about this. police investigation ongoing in olney. watch for 20th and nedro. you'll see police crews on the scene. >> that is where we start this morning with that breaking news.
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an overnight barrage of bullets left two people on the ground in philadelphia, one of them a pregnant woman lost her life and the child she was expecting also didn't make it. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live there in olney with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the 25-year-old woman was eight months pregnant. neither she nor the baby made it. a 26-year-old man remains in the hospital in critical condition. but he is conscious and he was speaking with homicide detectives. and you can see police are starting to wrap up the crime scene here in olney. they found 11 shell casings, a cell phone, broken glass, other they had they marked off earlier. calls of the shooting came in just before 1:00 a.m. when police arrived they found both victims lying on the sidewalk next to a white chevy impala. police believe at least one of the victims was inside the car when the shots were fired. witnesses saw a man fleeing the scene. police rushed the victim to the hospital. the man was shot in the back and the leg and is actually talking to detectives now, but the 25-year-old woman was hit
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in the head, arm and both legs and was pronounced did he do at the hospital at 1:03. she was eight months pregnant and doctors did deliver her baby girl. they worked thon little girl for more than an hour and she too did not survive. police have located some surveillance cameras and they're conducting interviews. >> homicide detectives are talking to witnesses. they're at the hospital talking to the male victim. unknown right now what the motive of the shooting is but right now it's an investigation in progress. >> reporter: and again police are starting to wrap up the crime seen here but you can see they're still on the scene and so is that chevy impal l this is the second time in two weeks in philadelphia a pregnant woman was shot and killed and her baby was delivered and died. in the last case it was considered a double homicide but whether this will be classed as such still has not been determined by authorities. live in olney, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> a driver is being
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questioned for a violent head on crash in delaware. the action caln was there as crews rushed to free a second driver who was trapped in his pickup truck. this happened late last night on lancaster pike at hickory spring road in hockessin. the victim in the pickup is now in the hospital in critical condition. at this point that other driver does not face charges in connection with the crash. >> a young man has turned himself in for a shooting that killed an innocent teenager. philadelphia police say 19-year-old darian person opened fire in logan on monday. this happened during a fight involving students from delaware valley charter school. person is a dropout from that school. 15-year-old aisha abdur rahman also attended the school. she was hit by a bullet shot about half a block away. antiviolence activists held a vigil in her memory. >> so many guns are still out here on the streets and i'm here as a parent to say stop the violence because we're losing our babies to the
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streets. >> the 19-year-old was shot in the chest and remains in critical condition. person remains behind bars. >> 5:34 now and officials with the philadelphia school district believe some of their budget troubles are about to be solved. pennsylvania governor tom corbett plans to sign a bill today that will allow the city to raise its cigarette tax to send more money to public schools. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the big board to break it down for us. >> the cash strapped philadelphia school district will be getting crucial revenue from this bill. last night the senate joined the house in supporting the cigarette tax by a 39 to 11 vote. governor corbett as you said is expected to sign the bill as soon as it reaches his desk this morning. now let's take a look at exactly what this means for smokers. the current pennsylvania tax for a pack of sipping lets is $1.60. the new tax for philadelphia adds two dollars to that plus there's the 8% sales tax which is already higher than most of the state. this bill comes after months of delay. house and senate republican
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leaders battled under unrelated provisions including local hotel taxes but they were dropped in the final version of the bill. of course educators are thrilled. the philadelphia school district lab lobbying for more than funds for months and this will provide $83 million a year to the district. but while schools say the tax will benefit them enormously, smokers and small business owners say it's at their expense. >> we went on those assurances and today it's paid off and in fact, i'm glad we did not have to reduce staff, eliminate programs. >> they're making an excuse this is how we going to fund schooling but they're really just taxing another thing. y'all taxed beverages, y'all taxing everything. it's another way to just i guess keep their land in your pocket. >> but again a big day for the philadelphia school district. again, governor corbett is expected to sign the bill this morning. tam, back to you.
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>> oh, erin, thank you. president obama will address the united nations general assembly this morning. the president hopes that his un visit will lead to more countries joining in the fight against isis. one of the main topics of the president's speech will certainly be his air campaign in syria. the airstrikes targeted isis and an al-qaeda affiliated group the khorasan group. u.s. officials say 250 bombs and missiles struck training camps and financial and manufacturing centers. >> we've been on a bit avenue dry streak and it's going to end later tonight. >> yes, it sure is. storm tracker 6 live double scan matt and tam shows it's dry for now and that will change as radar tracks rain later tonight. as we take a look outside we have a really cool picture. i don't think i've seen this one before but it's our sky 6 camera looking north along the atlantic city coastline and you see that lit up ferris wheel in the morning. i don't know that they've always got the lights on but it does look kind of cool. we're off to a coolish start this morning. your temperature right now in philadelphia is 56 degrees.
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dewpoint sat 51. so, the air pretty dry. and winds only running at 7 miles per hour right now. they'll get stronger later on and i am bringing on that always on seven day for those of you watching in hd. future tracker 6 showing you how the clouds between now and later this afternoon are going to get thicker have south to north. by 3 o'clock most of us are looking at mainly cloudy skies and by 6 o'clock some of you down along the coast will start to see the first of the raindrops but it looks like the heavier stuff will hold off until later tonight and when it does arrive, though, it does look like it's going to be coming down pretty good and adam and cecily will have a real good view on future tracker 6 double scan -- excuse me on storm tracker 6 double scan with the images of this rain later on tonight for you as it starts to pounds the coast and move in toward philadelphia. today then we're basically looking as an increase in clouds, 60 degrees by 8 o'clock, by 11 o'clock, 67. by 2 o'clock, 74 and then a high of 75 probably around 3 o'clock today, again with those clouds getting thicker from south to north during the day. 75 is your high in philadelphia.
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looks like we'll probably get uninto the low 70's in the lehigh valley, reading and trenton. probably holding on or about 70 right down along the coast with a northeast wind coming in off the cool ocean water. and then we get into the overnight period and that's when future tracker is really showing us inundating rain pushing from the coast up through philadelphia and while the heaviest of this may start to push toward the north during the morning rush hour, i still see a lot of ponding and puddling and splashy slow conditions for the thursday morning commute. by 9 o'clock looks like we're down to lighter showers and for the rest of the day from noon on probably starting to see improvement, although lit likely remain pretty cloudy. we are looking at a decent amount of rain out of this. the models putting anywhere from an inch to maybe 2-inches of rain down in philadelphia. probably more than that down the shore. and in terms of tonight and thursday, we're also going to be liking at windy conditions. 30 to 35 miles per hour wind, again soaking rain early in the rush and a lot of ponding and puddling after it gets down. down the shore the winds are
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even worse because you're closer to the center of that coastal low. 40 to 45 miles per hour gusts, minor tidal flooding rip current risk high. rain arriving tonight. tomorrow cloudy and rainy, the heaviest rain in the predawn hours. 66 is the high. and then sun returns on friday with a high of 74. weekend still looking great, low 80's, probably upper 70's by monday. and then by tuesday, some more rain and cooler air returning, okay? >> we'll be ready. >> yeah. >> thank you, david. 5:40 now. and next thieves steal nearly two dozen cars in a two day crime spree and the high speed heist happened in front of a surveillance camera. >> don't let the changing season keep you from hitting the green. a new neighborhood fun spot allows you to bring your golf game indoors. karen. >> that looks cool. this isn't looking so bad so far either. this is the ben franklin bridge, westbound traffic coming into the city. we continue to have the right lane blocked. not causing a delay just yet. we'll have the late of the with that overturned tractor-trailer when we come back. >> and his new book is a best
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seller. that's good because the other news for him isn't so good. he's out on "dancing with the stars." we'll tell you who we're talking about when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here in center city out across the city lights there, 5:43, 56 degrees, clear now but we
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are waiting on some rain coming in across the region later today. >> karen, you have been saying it's been unusually busy in traffic this morning. it's been unusually busy in tomorrow. adding rain to the picture it can't be good. i have new information coming in with this overturned tractor-trailer and this is in new jersey on the new jersey turnpike southbound approaching the delaware memorial bridge, now blocking three lanes. just the right lane is getting by. so, watch for that. it happened in the overnight hours but still causing a problem and now blocking even more lanes. so, just the right lane getting by. i would head to 295 southbound instead because you're not going to have any problem with 295 at this early hour. we've got a new problem here in king of prussia. chopper 6 headed to the scene. gulph road near kirk avenue. inside the mall there's fire activity, one of the kiosk there is so watch nor one. cries are headed to the scene and so is chopper 6. look for that. you might want to avoid the area outside the mall. an accident involving a vehicle that ran into a pole: it has cleared. things are looking better in montgomery county on stump hall road, no problems right there. as we bring in our commuter
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traffic report right here, we found someone just reporting a couple can minutes ago about something on the roadway on the turnpike in fort washington. so, you want the look for that one. however, i've got a shot right here live. this is 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike in fort washington. we're not noticing any problem on either highway at this point but you may just want to watch there, could be an object on the road on the turnpike itself. let's look at the temperatures and it's 56 degrees right now in philadelphia. not too bad. and we're dry most of the day today. looks like maybe at the shore you might get that rain late today. the rest of us it holds off until later tonight and into tomorrow morning's commute, tam. >> thank you, karen. new this morning, anger spilled over once again in ferguson, missouri. demonstrators toured the site of a burned out memorial to michael brown. some said they smelled gas at the site. officials note the memorial contained a number of burning candles. bystanders were angry saying police did little to check the
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flames. that was disputed by the chief of police who said officers did all they could. a second larger memorial nearby was not harmed. brown was the unarmed teen killed by police last movement the justice department and a grand jury are now investigating. thieves hit two high ends car dealerships within two days in two different cities in california. police now trying to connect these crimes. surveillance shows several men driving away with vehicles from a car lot in san jose. please estimate a total of 20 cars have been stolen from the pair of dealers. two men are now in custody and police expect to make more arrests. >> the onset of cold weather often means less time on the golf course. melissa maggie has an fyi for you on a brands new mini putt putt where you can play all year long. >> reporter: mini golf and arcade opened late july in kensington. an indoor course you can play all year round. >> we thought we could bring something new to the city since there's nothing like that in the city and put a little spin on it in the
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evening as well. >> reporter: you bring your own beverages they supply the food serving up doughnuts the size of your face on weekends and bringing bringing bringing d trucks them added a arcade with everything from hoops. i used to play basketball. to t-ball and miss pacman. so into it. >> games we used to play in arcade and stuff. >> reporter: yes. then of course there's the miniature golf. a hole in one. the course theme is part filly. >> you've got the art museum that drew's dad actually built and designed out of old shutters. >> reporter: rocky is on the steps and there's a hole at fill's p but the rest of the course is outfitted with 19 50's miniature golf course memorabilia. >> love that sound. >> melissa is a scratch golfer. very good. >> it's 5:47. this year's most celebrated philadelphia baseball player is heading to the baseball hall of fame for a special honor. >> plus the latest star eliminated from "dancing with the stars" gives his reason for getting the boot.
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david. >> take a look at the kids. we are dressing them in jackets this morning, t-shirts this afternoon as temperatures are starting out in the 50's in a lot of neighborhoods. we'll be back with your daypart forecast. clouds increasing and rain on the way.
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pumpkin coffee for the morning, and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with a press of a button. bring home pumpkin or any other k-cup packs for $9.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> 13-year-old mo'ne davis is headed to the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown. the teenager from philadelphia will donate the jersey she wore when she philadelphia will donate the the little league world series last month. she will visit the hall of fame with her teammates tomorrow and then they'll play an exhibition game at double day field on sunday. >> way to go. >> looking good with that arm. let's go to the cameras right now and show you a problem.
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i talked about this fire at king of prussia so look for this. it's reported at the kiosk in the mall. chopper 6 headed to the scene right now but you can kind of see the flashing lights in king of prussia at the mall on gulph road near kirk avenue so just watch for that. in camden admiral wilson boulevard westbound approaching baird boulevard, a water main break. the crews are out there blocking the right lane, so look for some slowing if this stays out here. septa trolley's route 101 between hughey and scenic road stations board all the trolleys from the outbound lat form from 9 o'clock until 2 o'clock. >> a lot of 40's in the western suburbs right now. 47 in pottstown, 46 in coatesville. up to 51 in fleetwood berks county. 45 in quakertown, 52 in warrington and low 50's in chester and center city. in south jersey 47 in glassboro. 50 in cinnaminson, close to that in ewing, 51 in woodbine. upper 40's and 50 and low 50's up and down the state of delaware. if you're running errands today, a decent day to do it.
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clouds will be on the increase as we go through the day. and cool in the morning, 63 by 9:00 but we'll hit 75 by 3 o'clock and it will be a little bit milder many that is going to be your high. it's also going to be breezy as we go through the day. winds running around 10 to 20 miles per hour. kind of ahold onto your hats day in and out of the car in between your errand locations, matt. >> we'll do that. thank you david. there is a clearer picture this morning about the motive for a deadly workplace shooting down south. police in birmingham alabama say 45-year-old kerry tesney told people he was troubled at work but never suggested he could turn violent. tesney is accused of killing two former coworkers at a ups shipping center yesterday before committing suicide. his employers fired him the day before. >> new this morning, a surprise school visitors flaw a had your are to get out of the classroom you could say. police officers rolled up just in time to record a deer escaping through a glass door at a north carolina elementary. no students or staff were injured during the animal encounter.
5:53 am
teachers say deer deer decided to drop by at the perfect time. the students had just gotten back if recess and lunch. >> 5:52 now. up neck the new clue that has emerged in that delaware acid attack that left dozens of cars damaged. >> we're work organize and a breaking story in philadelphia. a pregnant woman has been murdered. we're live updating the search for her killer. that's ahead at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪ >> take the redesigned with you wherever you go. it doesn't bend like the iphone 6. rather, the new smart design changes the layout to fit any and table
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>> surveillance footage offers a clue in a case of vandalism that damaged 60 cars at a dealership in mill creek delaware. cameras captured someone walking around the lot back on sunday. someone sprayed the new and used models with acid causing close to $100,000 in damage. the sheraton family offered $5,000 for a tip that leads to an arrest and conviction. a middle schoolteacher in delaware county who was recently featured on "action news for a charity initiative is now charged with having sex with a teenager. investigator say william barber will an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old at garnet valley middle school culminating in an assault at the school on september 12th. barber is a phys. ed. teacher there and the football and baseball coach. "action news" spoke to barber's family last week about their efforts to raise money for pediatric cancer
5:57 am
research. barber's four-year-old daughter has brain cancer. >> actor laurence fishburne is taking on comedy in abc's new series blackish. anthony anderson and tracy ellis ross also costar. they play a family navigating what it means to be black in america today. the show depicts the struggle between the kid's urge to assimilate and their father's desperate attempt to keep them root in there his idea of black culture. blackish airs tonight right here on 6abc at 9:30. talk show host tavis smilely blamed his busy schedule for getting the boot on "dancing with the stars." he says his book tour prevented him from focusing on rehearsals. 11 celebrities remain. next week is movie night and the rumor is philadelphia native kevin hart will be a guest judge. >> that would be nice. foovment. 5:57 now. trying to avoid fizzling out. top soda companies try to help soda drinkers cut back but not cut out completely. >> we continue to follow breaking news from olney where
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a pregnant woman has been killed. a live update on that investigation is coming up don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes.
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tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. edwards, karen rogers and >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday, september 24th and we're following breaking news. >> gunfire erupts on a philadelphia street overnight leaving a pregnant woman dead and a man wounded. >> police issue arrest warrants for three people in connection with the beating of a gay couple in center city. >> accuweather is tracking some heavy rain and it will be moving in later today. >> in fact let's find out a little bit more about that coming rain and go to dave murphy and karen rogers has already had a busy morning when it comes to traffic. good morning.